Stevens, Edwards, Hallock & Carpenter, P.C., Law Firm's attorneys bring sophistication and experience to the table, whether negotiating the resolution of a dispute prior to litigation or pursuing a resolution in the courts. We represent individuals, large and small corporations, family businesses, real estate developers, investors, and other companies in commercial settings such as:

  • Breach of contract issues

  • Real estate transaction disputes

  • Business transaction disputes

  • Landlord/tenant and other leasing and property disputes

  • Construction disputes

Experience has shown us that litigating a commercial dispute can be extremely time-consuming, expensive and that the outcome is often uncertain. That is why our initial focus in analyzing a new matter is to identify a strategy that attempts to resolve the dispute expeditiously and without the involvement of the courts.

Unfortunately, that is not always possible. So when the need to litigate a case arises, our clients could not be in better hands.

We offer highly skilled and experienced attorneys capable of providing exceptional representation in virtually any litigated matter.