Probate in Wyoming is the process of passing the assets of a deceased person to his or her heirs, after payment of creditors. The attorneys at Stevens, Edwards, Hallock & Carpenter, P.C., represent personal representatives and beneficiaries in the Wyoming probate process, statewide. Often those services involve assisting out-of-state personal representatives and beneficiaries, with Wyoming probate matters. There are many circumstances where summary proceedings are available on smaller estates which can lessen the time and expense of administration. Our attorneys can advise you on those options.

Trust administration is the process of carrying out the directives of the Trustor or Trustors (person or persons who created a trust) upon the death of the Trustor. The firm will assist the Trustee in valuing and distributing assets as directed by the terms of the trust. The process generally includes working with CPA's or other tax advisors in the preparation of necessary tax returns.

Our expertise in Wyoming probate and trust administration services is in the following areas: probate administration, probate litigation, will contests, ancillary probate, trust administration, trust litigation, wrongful death litigation, breach of fiduciary duty and beneficiary rights.